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  • Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 10°C or if the temperature might drop to this level within 4 hrs of application.

  • Do not over-thin or over-extend the brush..

  • Stir well and strain before use.

  • Tinted paints need thorough shaking immediately after tinter addition as well as before use.




1 coat                       120 - 150 sq ft/ltr**


2coats                      80 - 100 sq ft/ltr**


  • Remove loose plaster and dust particles and rub lightly with sand paper. Previous coatings of limewash, colour wash and powder distemper must be scraped off


  • In case of repainting earlier coating of oil-based or emulsion based paints need to be removed if in sound condition. However, the sheen on such surfaces must be removed by thorough sanding. Cracked or flaking paint must be scraped off completely and the surface should be clean and dry before application of paint.


  • Apply a coat of Ocean water-based cement primer where necessary. For best results, fill up dents with 2 or more coats of Ocean Acrylic Putty in thin layers. Wherever putty is applied, a coat of Ocean cement primer is recommended as an undercoat on the top of the putty for eliminating the patchy appearance in the final coats. 


  • Ocean Acrylic Distemper is supplied as a thick paste and water are to be added slowly to the paste while stirring to obtain brushing consistency. Normally, for thinning, add 750 ml of clean portable water to 1 kg of Acrylic Distemper. However, the amount of water needed will depend upon the porosity and texture of the substrate. Apply 2-3 coats by brushing, keeping an inter-coat interval of about 4 hours between successive coats.



 *Actual Coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such 

  as method and mode of application and surface roughness and porosity. 



Non- flammable



Recommended to wear protective

clothing like gloves, overall, etc.

       Drying time                                  Surface dry time 30 min


       Sheen levels                                 8 - 14 at 60 deg GH


       Stability of thinned paint           To be used within 24 hours



 (Information in this leaflet is given in good faith, but without warranty)

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