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Ocean Synthetic Enamel is specially formulated with high opacity and light fast pigments to produce a durable, high gloss protective coating of outstanding quality. It is recommended for all interiors and exterior surfaces where a high standard of durability and protection is required. It is extensively used and recommended for finishing doors and windows, furniture, hoardings, signboards, transport coaches, machinery and a variety of other articles. Ocean Synthetic Enamel has excellent flow and levelling properties which makes it difficult to distinguish a brushed surface from a sprayed one. Its brushability is excellent.

Pkg. - 20ltrs, 10ltrs, 4ltrs, 1ltrs, 500 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml, & 50ml


Ocean Hammertone Finish is available in Air Drying and stoving qualities. On spraying this paint releases a fancy finish of uniform and attractive hammer pattern. The film sets to give a tough and glossy finish having lasting protective and decorative properties. This paint can only be applied by a spray gun.

Pkg. - 20ltrs, 10ltrs, 4ltrs, 1ltrs, 500 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml, & 50ml


High Gloss Finish: Ocean furniture enamel Enamel gives a mirror-like gloss for your doors, windows,  grills & gates.

Tough and Durable: The oil based film of the  Enamel makes it one of the toughest & most durable paints which form a protective armour around surfaces.

20 Ltrs, 10 Ltrs

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